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Do you suffer from Bloating and Indigestion?

Do you suffer from Bloating and Indigestion?


Do you suffer from Bloating and Indigestion?

How are you feeling after eating a meal? Any symptoms of bloating or indigestion? Are you experiencing constipation or diarrhoea?  Or simply feeling tired after eating? Below are some first steps based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to help reduce digestive upset.

Relax  - our digestive system works best when we are not stressed or distracted.  Taking a few deep breaths before starting a meal, relaxing our posture and focusing on the enjoyment of the meal rather than external distractions will optimize digestion.

Chew thoroughly - chewing food thoroughly breaks it down and warms it, preparing it optimally for the digestive system.

Reduce fluids whilst eating – too much fluid whilst eating weakens the digestive function in Chinese Medicine. Consume majority of fluids between meals and if you do drink with your meal have warm fluids and no more than one cup is recommended.

Eat warm foods – prolonged intake of too much cold, frozen & raw foods weaken the digestive function over time, so eat mainly warm & cooked foods where possible.

Avoid over eating – over eating creates stagnation in our digestive track which can lead to feelings of sluggishness and overtime can produce excess mucous or heat in the body. Practice mindful eating and stop just before you are full.

Eat your main meal early – when we eat meals late at night when our digestive system is slowing down this can create stagnation and lead to bloating.

Eat organic, local, wholefoods where possible – the lifeforce of organic, local wholefoods is more strongly preserved providing an abundance of nutrients. Avoid microwaving food which reduces its lifeforce.

Listen to your body – it instinctively knows what it needs and what nourishes it.


What foods to eat and to avoid?

Dietary recommendations in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are specific to each individual based on their constitution and presenting symptoms. I work with clients to determine what foods will optimise their health and what foods will not.  For example, a client who produces a lot of phlegm would be advised to reduce dairy products and bananas as they are phlegm forming.

If you are having digestive issues or simply want more energy and this sounds like something of interest to you, follow the link to book your appointment for Acupuncture and dietary therapy.

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